Radical is an independent print magazine. Founded with brazen naivety, it boasts one, simple purpose – save the planet.

As it happens, saving the planet is a sticky business. There’s enough bad stuff out there to turn anyone into a cave dweller who uses their own beard as a napkin. But the precious, recycled pages of Radical aren’t dedicated to the problems we face. We’re here for the actual ‘do something about it’ part – which is fun and challenging (and not as lame as most things that are described as ‘fun and challenging’).

Now, you may have some pre-conceived notions about what a magazine called Radical will be about, and fair enough – we did choose a word that’s about as laden with history as a drenched alpaca. The word, of course, has been defined many times by whoever it is that writes dictionaries. They state that to be radical, is to change the fundamental nature of something. To take the hotdog, and not just choose between mustard or tomato sauce – but to decide that actually, hotdogs are disgusting and you don’t want to pretend that they aren’t by smothering it with condiments. If that hotdog analogy was a little too broad, here’s Radical’s guideline about what it is to be a radical.  

If it matters, fight for it. If it makes you different, own it. If you fail, say fuck it and keep trying.

We are a magazine, a movement, a platform for love, and creativity and change. Radical, and all it stands for matters to us. If it matters to you too, then chuck your phone in a river and come with us. Or, just come with us. Either way, you’re pretty darn cool for caring.